Respite care

Respite Care is a support that aims to give you and your loved one a short break, enabling carers to look after their own health whilst their loved one is cared for. Respite Care can be provided for a variety of periods to suit the needs of your family.

Accessing Respite Care provides you and your loved one with a short term solution either in their own home or within a residential aged care facility. Respite enables carers and families to have the opportunity to take a short break and attend to daily needs whilst being reassured that their family member is being provided the highest quality care.

Residential respite care is available at Dellacourt, Yallaroo and Emily Gardens facilities for short term stays to provide you with much needed time to recharge or when you simply can’t be there to care for your loved one. During the respite period our residential teams will provide high quality care and services to give you peace of mind. This includes personal care, continence management, assistance with medications and dedicated care management based on the needs and wishes of your loved one. Our staff are dedicated to upholding a relationship-focused form of care, with regular social activities and events provided to ensure quality of life and enjoyment for your loved one.

Respite Care can be accessed within Lutheran Aged Care facilities, in which respite residents live alongside aged care residents. Lutheran Aged Care understand the value that respite care can bring for residents and their families, providing clear personal benefits such as:

  • time to refresh and restore the wellbeing of yourself
  • an opportunity to tend to your own personal responsibilities such as visiting friends and going on holidays
  • your loved one can access Lutheran Aged Care’s quality facilities and enjoy the benefits of contemporary and wholistic aged care
  • respite residents can engage and interact with other aged care residents, enjoying activities and other wellbeing programs

Being able to access support in the local area is critical for many carers and we are pleased to be able to offer the community locally based Albury respite care. When respite care services are required, it is always a huge benefit to be able to transport residents only shorter distances, to assist with alleviating anxiety and retaining familiarity where possible.

Our grounds have beautiful, natural outlooks and provide the comfort of remaining close to home, within a familiar landscape and community.

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