Dementia care

Dementia is something that everyone gets with age. Some cases are severe while others are mild.

Dementia is a series of cognitive disorders which impact individual function through the brain. This can lead to decreased cognitive abilities, physical function and behaviours. Dementia is a personal and individualised condition, requiring expertise in care to ensure one’s well-being.

Lutheran Aged Care Albury offers dementia care services and complex care to improve the quality of life for people with dementia and their families.

Our approach involves creating the right environment and applying effective strategies to empower individuals. Our residential services offer familiar, domestic environments which enable personalisation through decorating with personal items and belongings. We strive to promote and provide an environment that fosters positive growth in self-esteem and prioritises individual autonomy.

Lutheran Aged Care Albury offers specialised dementia care services, equipped with dementia care experts who can respond to and ensure the wellbeing of your loved ones. Through the use of nurse alert systems and door sensors, Lutheran Aged Care residential aged care homes can provide a safe environment for those with dementia without compromising on the quality of life or autonomy. Other key safety features include concealed exits and fences, colour-schemes for staff-only doors and improving lines of sight to enable staff and residents to identify one another with ease.

Resident suites are tailored toward the needs of the individual, encouraging personal touches to promote memory and self-recognition. We also encourage community connections, creating spaces that foster residents to connect with friends and family. The best dementia care services strive to preserve the individuality of each resident whilst supporting them and their loved ones.

Our residential environments are complemented by our highly trained staff, who can provide expert care tailored towards the needs of your loved one. Our staff are committed to maintaining the quality of life of residents and ensuring their medical needs are well met. Lutheran Aged Care aims to reduce stimulants such as noise within our residential facilities, maintaining a calm and relaxed environment for residents.

Our 24 hour clinical and support teams are trained in person-centred care and will work with you and your loved one to understand the culture, history, social and family needs, and individual activity preferences to enhance the quality of life for all involved.

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