Pastoral care

Lutheran Aged Care’s values reflect our approach to Pastoral Care.

Christian love and acceptance, regardless of background, underpins all that we do. Our formally trained Pastoral Care team are here to support you and your loved one by taking the time to understand emotional and spiritual needs. Individual beliefs and practices will be respected at all times.

Pastoral care services refer to a large, wide and all-encompassing range of ways designed to support you, your family, caring group and precious person in our aged care facilities. These services are expressions of our faith that extend to become part of our service offering. Our pastoral care services might include pastoral care counselling, empathy, listening, reminiscence, or simply being with you and your loved one as needed.

The last moments for any individual can be a time of uncertainty and vulnerability. The Lutheran Aged Care Pastoral care team recognises the cultural, physical, spiritual and religious needs of every individual, to provide a lasting sentiment and comfort at such a time. We recognise that this time is just as difficult for families, friends and close members in the community, and as such our pastoral team accompanies all involved, as they articulate their hopes, fears, anxieties, and concerns.

Our Pastoral Care team integrates traditional religious and faithful practices into its services.

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