Palliative care

At Lutheran Aged Care Albury, our primary goal for palliative care is to optimise the quality of life.

End of life care requires greater support services and skills from carers, who aim to give those with a life-limiting illness greater choice in the care and services they receive. No two people have the same needs, and as each person is different, our palliative care strategies are individually tailored. Our skilled team will identify and provide support for the physical, emotional, spiritual or social needs of the person and their family.

Our Palliative care services aim to facilitate the independence of your loved one. Our specially trained staff provide care such as wound or pain management, personal and comfort care. We invite family and friends to participate in programs and enjoy quality time alongside the support of our team. Lutheran Aged Care aims to encourage sensory stimulation, delivering personalised care and support.

We aim to support and maintain the quality of life of all residents , prioritising symptom management such as pain relief, nursing care and psychological support. Lutheran Aged Care services are informed by the latest research in palliative and support care.

Supporting both your loved one and the family who treasures them requires a commitment to caring and desire to adapt to varying needs and unique requirements. We provide palliative care at home, aged care palliative care and palliative care that is local, in familiar surroundings (palliative care Albury).

Palliative care services go beyond the death of a loved one. Lutheran Aged Care services offer a range of grievance procedures when a resident passes away, offering signature services to honour the memory of your loved one, with options such as, but not limited to memorial items, a guard of honour and meaningful room signage.

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