Residential Care

Lutheran Aged Care Residential Care homes offer 24-hour clinical care and support for those needing a higher level of care to maintain their quality of life.

Our homes are buzzing with life and people - featuring beautiful gardens, quiet private areas and tastefully decorated individual rooms each with an ensuite.

We offer warm and welcoming residential care options that support your loved ones and respect their specific lifestyle needs. We understand the importance of positive ageing and thus we offer various accommodation styles to suit each individual. We are located in Albury and all our residential care/nursing homes facilities are fully accredited. We are also close to Wodonga, Wagga Wagga, and Shepparton.

We currently have three Residential Care homes:

Some special features of Lutheran Aged Care Residential Living:


We have consistently gained ‘A’ ratings for our food services by the NSW Food Authority. A delicious and varied menu is offered, with many special food occasions, birthday celebrations, parties and events throughout the year.

Maintaining independence and increasing the standard of living of our residents is something our professional staff strive for. Our patient caregivers are available to assist with dressing, hygiene, mobility and exercise help, as well as with eating and drinking.

Lutheran Aged Care Food Experience


A Pastoral Care program operates throughout all of Lutheran Aged Care facilities to ensure our residents and their families are able to access spiritual support, gain comfort in difficult times and practice of their chosen religious worship. Chapel and quiet spaces are provided in all facilities.


Our aged care transport vehicles and lifestyle programs support regular outings for all facilities, from shopping expeditions to community entertainment, clubs and social groups.

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