About us

At the forefront of innovation and quality.

Lutheran Aged Care is a Christian organisation dedicated to providing the best care and support for communities we serve.

Our History. From humble beginnings...

In 1959 the NSW Lutheran Women’s’ League agreed to invest in a much needed ‘Rest Home’ in Albury as they identified a need for care services in the community. A suitable property was purchased in 1960 at Riverview Terrace, and over the years this has expanded to include residential facilities, home care services and independent living options across the region - making Lutheran Aged Care the recognised high-quality provider we are today.

As the Aged Care Industry came under the ever progressing Aged Care Act 1997, so too has Lutheran Aged Care continued to evolve its services and accommodation. To support this evolution, Lutheran Aged Care has ensured a consistently high standard of ongoing education and training across all areas for staff, management and the Board of Directors.

Our leadership in the regional aged care industry has also strengthened over time, with our Management Team maintaining lead positions and participation in the relevant Aged Care Industry body.

Lutheran Aged Care in numbers

Our first hostel opened on 14 February 1960 with 20 staff providing care for 17 residents.

We now care for over 200 people in our 3 residential facilities and provide in-home care for over 250 people through our private and packaged support services.

We are a close-knit team of over 450 and counting, comprising more than 350 staff members and 100 volunteers, with many more coming on board as we proudly continue to grow and expand our quality aged care services.


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